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Morning Pep Talk 4/17/24

Good Morning Lover Faces and Coffee in hand. I just wanted to give you quick little pep talk to start your day.

My life has been a series of ups and downs, foggy and crystal clear game plans, wishy washy decisions and the ability and inability to say "no" and "Yes" at the right and wrong times. It's never easy when you deal with mental illness and personal insecurities and faults...but with all that on the table, I know that I'm not the only one that goes through these things. I know that I'm not special and I can't allow myself to mourn any version of myself that wasn't perfect or productive and I want to remind you that you shouldn't either. It's hard, things are difficult and sometimes scary...we often times get in a position that we don't know how to dig out of.

Here is the thing and when I say this I already know it's not easy as it sounds but it's the best advice that can give you today.

If you are walking through a field of thick mud and it keeps raining outside, each step is a struggle, your feet are heavy and the walk is labored. If you stop and stand still, your feet will slowly sink further into the mud. The rain doesn't automatically stop, the mud doesn't stop getting thicker and deeper but you will continue to get pushed further into the earth as your weight and the weight of what you carry will pull you down. It's not easy to keep moving forward or shed the weight you carry...but when you do, the walk is easier, the earth doesn't get the chance to swallow you up and I promise's not muddy and raining everywhere.

Keep moving, even if you don't know which direction to go in...when you make it to dryer ground you'll be able to see more paths and a lot further.

You can do this.

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It's great that you are so relatable with us.

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