Remember when...

Do you remember when Shut The Front Door was first started? Can you believe on June 1st of this year STFD turned 8 years old? I have been Facebook blogging for 8 years! I can't even believe it.

When I first started writing on Facebook it was hard because I wasn't sure how to take the bad with the good. Hearing compliments, helping people and making friends was the easy part but we all know that I don't always have the most popular opinion or say it in the most elegant way . Readers haven't always been too kind, a few described the bridge I should jump off of or the kind of truck that they were going to run me over with. I've been called names, put down, stalked and bullied in ways that nobody should experience.

The Shut The Front Door Facebook page has been shut down and rebuilt twice, it has been hacked and stolen through a scam that I fell into while trying to help someone that I thought needed me. It has caused me anxiety, sadness and anger but has given me purpose, life and friendships that I could never have imagined. I would do it again and again. The Foster Noodle Project was born when I realized there were enough people listening to me that I could make a difference. That WE could make a difference. Children that are in transitional foster care get bullied, are scared and need help just like I did. Children deserve to feel like they are important, loved and listened to and with your help we have built an amazing program that makes those things happen.

I won't always say the right fact I will post the wrong thing, think the wrong thoughts and act the wrong way but never for the wrong reasons.

I just wanted to take the time to let you know as the single author of STFD, I appreciate your views, likes, shares and friendship. Thank you...Thank you for making my little piece of social real-estate a home.

A little bit crazy but a lot a bit fun
Lisa Marie

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