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My name is Stacey Marie. Here in the deep south we generally have a first and a middlle name, but both names are usually just smashed together. 😉 Especially when you are in trouble. And I usually am.

i married into a ”blue family”, and the Captain and I were married for almost 27 years. He passed away right before we got to the actual 27th anniversary tho.

I am Still trying to find myself; my purpose. I am a little lost, to be honest. Especially since I thought that the Captain WAS my purpose.

But until I find where I belong NOW, I have 12 rescue cats to keep me super busy, & I fight an every day battle to keep depression and anxiety at bay, while refusing to allow them to make my house smell like a barn. (And believe me, thats some exhausting stuff right there 😉)

God bless yall- thanks for having me. 💙


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