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Tell your Swimsuit to "F" It...Fake it that is.

Why are we crying about all this shit? Why? Well that's a whole different post and it

will be under the Mental category but for now...let's just fix it.

I'm not going to tell you to drink apple cider and go on a walk to lose that fupa. I'm not going to tell you to make better food choices while I pound down a bag of Doritos with a side of popcorn at 11 at night. I AM going to tell you to just Fake IT!

You are beautiful first and foremost and for whatever reason you just don't feel like it. Our eyes play tricks on us, people are douche bags and life is essentially trying to take us out but guess what? I've got a bag of tricks and I am going to pull some fun things out of it to share with you.

Let's get started shall we?

There are a ton of issues we have when we try on a swimsuit. Our fupa sticks out, we can't tame the amazon properly, our thighs are too big, boobs are too small, there is cellulite and stretch marks. The cultivated swim dress starts to look like a flower garden and you hate flowers or the one that you would love is close to $300! That's White Claw Money Honey! We don't have time to play games, it was 80 degrees two days ago and I have other shit to cry about.

My basic and #1 TIP is this...


What the heck am I talking about? Let me show you what I mean.

Option #1: If you do not feel comfortable enough in a two piece swimsuit but you like the sex appeal that it creates then try this...*A swim dress top, paired with your favorite cleavage creating bikini top and a bottom that makes you comfortable. Why am I telling you to wear a bikini top with this option? I only say that if you feel like you need the added support or push up that a swim top dress can not create for you. I prefer to have a bra type of top for support Not only am I telling you to put on the layers; I'm telling you to stack your patterns. Notice the rouched bottoms with the asymetrical pattern (this literally hides all bulges and flaws). Another added benefit to layering this look is that as the day goes on you may start to feel more confident and you can always sling down the top or take it all off. (The dress part that is) ;)

Option #2: Not feeling the bikini look and feel more confident in a suit that holds it all in together but still need to create that sexy look? I got you! This is my favorite. As I get older I feel more confident in a one piece swimsuit that pulls me in all the right places but...I despise my bikini line area and upper thigh. I also want to look like I had a tummy tuck is how I layer the shit out of this look. The trick with this one is to not go heavy on top and bottom, pick one and pick the one that you want to accentuate. Plunge necks to draw attention to your top or close it up to focus on your bottom. You've heard of distracted driving right? Same thing goes for swimsuits...if you distract the eye...they will never notice the fact that there was a log in the middle of the road. I'll show you modest to least modest on this look.

Notice: With this layering technique you should use a swim skirt that has built in briefs and I'll tell you why...becuase they will slide up and you need to secure them. Yup, you'll be wearing two sets of drawers but you won't even notice; trust me. Wait till I show you the bikini version of this. One more thing...pairing this with a pair of swim shorts is cool too but if you don't already have a waist it will make you boxy and it will cut your leg legnth if you are short and leg length is what will slim your look.

Option #3: The bikini version. This version is one of my favorites and it has endless ways to match or not match. The best thing about layering a brief or bikini bottom with a skirt bottom is that it gives you extra control and support as well as creates more of a waist. I have stretch marks bellow my belly button and skirts themselves tend to wear a little low or too high so I layer it to cover the flaws I don't like while still having that ability to wear a bikini.

Notice: Notice that with this look you can get away with two things here...a high waisted thong under your skirt an a slightly bigger size to create a little less tension on your skin. DO NOT go baggy but do create less bulge by layering for control but not suffocating your skin. Rouched bottoms will work wonders with a skirt too but wear these smaller.

When you are looking at these swimsuits and thinking to yourself "Yeah but they look good because they are all small" No they aren't they are all size large to 3X and yes they are secured to hang on to this fake half body but deserve more credit. You're HOT AF!

There is one more small thing and that's how we use our "Cover Ups" and how to use accessories! Here's a quick run down.

Go ahead and use a Cover Up but...that cover up is not there to blanket's there to make you feel comfortable and create a little mystery not to make you invisible. I've got some wonderful covers to show you in the next blog that I'm working on.

Stay tuned lover faces...there is so much more to come.

Love, Lisa

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