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Shut The Front Door started as a simple blog and developed into a multiple media platform that had the possibility to reach a million ears.  When the possibility became a reality, I knew there was so much more to do.  I started writing the blog because I wrote when I was a child and I continued to keep writing as I became an adult.  I needed to know I wasn't alone and it was the best way for me to work through some of the very difficult times in my life.  


  In creating this feeling of alliance and strength from inside my own emotional self, I thought maybe it was possible to create that same feeling for a child that needed it.  I noticed that feelings and emotions never really stopped evolving, we are still scared as adults, we still hurt and feel lost in our own insecurities and a child that feels this way will look for comfort from the person they are closest to.  What if that person doesn't exist?  What if they are unaware that it's okay to ask for help?  What if the only person they have is the one that is hurting them the most?  In providing awareness, assistance, warmth and love, we can close the gap that makes us feel alone.

In the general theory; A child that is mistreated, abused or left behind will have those same feelings of being alone, scared, and the inability to understand.  I think that STFD can help close that gap.  I believe in promoting events, fundraisers and programs that immediately are benefited by those in need.  Shut The Front Door raises funds for Foster Children, Transitional Children, Families in need, Parents that are struggling, Awareness events and so much more.  We collect items for care packages and Emergency placement bags for children that are taken out of their home with nothing but the clothes they are wearing.   I feel the need to design a way for people to get information,  build their knowledge, understanding and awareness of the very true issues our children face every day.   ​