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Emergency Needs


Personally filled luggage 


What am I helping with?

Good question!  It's important to know where your donations go, if it's the right match for you and if you feel comfortable with the program that you are getting involved with.

Shut The Front Door teams up with Foster Programs in 37 states to help with the needs of children that are in foster care.  We provide bags filled with clothing, blankets, journals and personal items.  It is very important for a child to feel that they have something that belongs to them as they move through the  many confusing and sometimes painful stages of placement.


 Not only do we supply basic needs but we plan field trips, special activities, book readings, pizza parties and ice cream socials.   I hope that you will help us continue this amazing and selfless program into it's 6th year!   

Thank you so much to all of you that are committed and have been committed to this program through the years.  Without you, it would not be possible.

If you need your donation to be gifted to a 501c Non profit organization please contact us prior to your donation.  STFD does not operate solely with non for profit organizations but we can direct your funding in that manner if needed.  Thank you.

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